Since 2013 we have been a trusted partner for d&b audiotechnik, with which the continuous feedback exchange, during a long beta test phase, has contributed to the active development of the platform which became SoundScape, officially launched at ISE in Amsterdam in February 2018.

SoundScape allows you to get to a unique level of spatialization of sound, through 3D sound. Offering the audience the same listening experience has always been a more important goal and through the many years of experience with SoundScape we have reached what we had set for ourselves: a homogeneous sound that involves the audience naturally and harmoniously, at a level which previous technologies could not reach.

What makes Soundscape extraordinary is the possibility of creating through the sound a world in which the audience feels immersed and bring it back to the physical place in which one works. Soundscape 3D audio provides the optimal tools to deliver a clear sound experience and the ability to position every single sound in space.