BH Audio work in the field of the professional audio from 1979. We have acquired experience working at first wide-ranging, then concentrating our energies towards those fields where quality is the only true discriminating element.

As consequence of the audio BH philosophy of attempts we consider “cultured” music our prevailing market, without to scorn however other forms, musical and not, as long as of elevated qualitative level.

BH Audio makes explicit reference, in fact, to the Classical music, Contemporary Music, Jazz Music  and all musical and artistic reality, than in every aspect of a professional setup,   they have been about to too much time served to highly unsatisfactory a qualitative level as bordered to a numerically narrow public.

Our worflow is described with the classic formula “bespoke”, in which we comprise the , Ampiification, recording on every digital formats, master or multitrack recording, and fixed installation.

BH Audio has earned an enviable reputation for its work in the fixed installation sector over the past 20 years, has afforded us in the years to widen the markets to which we had addressed.

Our installations in principle only in the audio field, are time increased also to the video, and the multimedia equipment.

Our worflow is same for hire and fixed installation, we  planning the system, supply equipment, installation, test and assistance post installation.