BH Audio works in the field of amplification since 1979, initially dealing with various types of music, we then specialized in Classical, Jazz and Contemporary Music and Opera. BH seeks the highest quality in every aspect: amplification, sound diffusion, recording, therefore the desire for innovation and research of new techniques that has always been central in the company’s philosophy.

This has led to the experimentation on the use of 3D Audio since 2013 and to being among the first to test SoundScape by d&b audiotechnik, with which the continuous exchange of feedback has contributed to the active development of the platform, which allows to reach a single level of spatialization of sound. Offering the audience the same listening experience was the most important goal and through the many years of experience with Soundscape we got to our goal: a homogeneous sound that embraces the audience with naturalness and harmony, as well as offering sound designers an instrument with great potential from a creative point of view.