About BH audio

We transformed our passion into our business.

We have been operating in the field of amplification since 1979.
Since then, we have constantly invested in
research and technological innovation to guarantee our customers impeccable sound quality and acoustic solutions that are always at the forefront.

From our headquarters in San Giuseppe di Comacchio (FE), located between the historic cities of Ravenna and Ferrara in Italy, we started our work with a strong presence in the local area. Later, we have specialized in the immersive audio technique and collaborating with the major Italian and foreign stages of the world.


“Offering the same listening experience to the entire audience was our first goal right from the start. The Soundscape technology allows this: a homogeneous sound, which embraces and involves the audience with naturalness and harmony”
- BH Audio

Our philosophy goes beyond the technical aspect. Here at BH audio, we seek the highest acoustic quality from every point of view. From amplification to recording to sound diffusion. This attention leads us to constantly look at what is new, different, and innovative.
Since 2013, our commitment to the sector has led us to experience what has become today one of our leading solutions: immersive audio.
Working alongside the German company d&b audiotechnik, our official partner, we actively participated (acting as a beta tester) in the development of Soundscape.
Soundscape is an innovative technology that allows the perfect spatialization and localization of sound, guaranteeing an experience of optimal – and correct – listening to each spectator.