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Immersive listenin

Keeping theaters open is one of our first goals.
Thanks to our technological solutions, this can become a

In the last two years, characterized by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions, we have worked intensively to develop technological solutions specifically aimed at supporting theater workers.

Our offer:


✔︎ We can create high-quality audio streams, accessible through any online platform. The recent introduction of particular technologies allowed to make the use of audio much more realistic than what traditional stereo streaming once permitted.

✔︎ We can develop, expand and update the audio and video systems of any theater.

✔︎ Our combination of recording and streaming transmission techniques allows staging an opera production in full compliance with health restrictions. Besides, it is possible to carry out the show without the presence of the Orchestra in the hall.

A performative event, by definition, would imply the coexistence of singers, choir, and orchestra, in the theater room. However, since this is not always possible due to the difficult period we are experiencing, it is our task – and pleasure – to bring efficient and effective solutions.

Our way of working in this context, defined by us as immersive listening, is divided into two main parts:


We recreate a spatial location of the Orchestra, in case, for example, it could not be located in the orchestra pit. 


We recreate virtual acoustics. This type of work is possible thanks to the detection of the acoustic imprint of the theater.

Immersive audio is a concept, a way of working. Its use allows streaming users to listen to the sound as if they were in the theater room or right behind the conductor but comfortably seated at home.

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The times we are experiencing force us, whether we want it or not, to arm ourselves: with patience, cunning, and a genuine desire to improve. Here at BH audio, we have always believed in technological innovation, and for this reason, we have never stopped investing in research to guarantee an always impeccable service, both for today’s events, still threatened by the nightmare of the pandemic, and for those of tomorrow.