Soundscape. Listen as if there is no amplification.

What if there was a way of listening that could enhance our sensations, involves us totally, and makes us feel as enveloped by sound?

That way exists. Its name is Soundscape. It is our sonorous landscape.

“Developed thanks to the collaboration with the German company d&b audiotechnik, (our official partner) for which we served as a beta tester, Soundscape is a toolkit that allows a magnificent connection between the artist and the public.

Powered by the DS100 engine, a revolutionary audio processor based on a powerful Dante-enabled signal matrix, Soundscape offers the sound designer (and not only) the possibility of fielding unprecedented creativity, thanks to its two En-Scene and En-Space software modules.

En-Scene is a sound-object placement tool. It allows the scenic contexts to be represented with extreme precision by localizing each sound and allowing, in this way, to harmonize – or, if necessary, to disharmonize – what the audience looks at with what it hears.
En-Space is, on the other hand, a room emulation tool. It allows the creation and modulation of the reverb footprints of any space, both indoors and outdoors.